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Serious Caddin! (No G)

Its not been quite so hectic this week at KDW Architecture Ltd but it has been busy nonetheless with plenty of time available to get some serious drawing work done. I have been cadding up building surveys and preparing scheme proposals for domestic alterations, I have been fine tuning planning application drawings for a new dwelling, I have been preparing construction details for a domestic project and I have made a start on building regulation drawings for a residential redevelopment of a disused farmyard in a conservation area. We have also had to provide further planning justification to support a householder planning application for a large detached garage at a property in Thormanby.

In addition, we have had 3 new project enquiries; attended 3 meetings; issued a fee proposal for a large project in Northallerton Town Centre and received 1 new instruction for a domestic project in Thirsk.

Of the 3 enquiries, one was for an Agricultural Workers dwelling for a farm worker and his family near Husthwaite. Permissions for new dwellings in the countryside are notoriously difficult to secure and require comprehensive supporting statement[s] and balanced factual arguments to justify such proposals on planning policy grounds. The second enquiry was from a domestic client who has secured planning approval for an extension to their home although having given the proposal some thought it’s not quite what they were looking to achieve. They have asked if we can relook at the scheme with a fresh pair of eyes and work with the Local Planning Authority with a view to obtaining a new approval for the scheme and space they actually want. The third enquiry was with regard to constructing a new dwelling on a constrained site close to the edge of Northallerton Town Centre. Having looked at the site we can determine that the principle of a dwelling is fine in planning terms and that the success of a planning application is likely to come down to an innovative design solution and maintaining the existing levels of neighbour amenity. This could be a unique and exciting project!

Of the 3 meetings attended, 2 were with homeowners at their properties where we discussed options for altering and extending their homes including any potential planning and building regulation implications. The first meeting of the week was with a local charitable organisation that are always looking at ways of improving what they can offer and how and where those offerings can be accommodated. We are working closely with the organisation and hope to be able to help them realise their ambitions.

We continue to take the lead on several applications been the client’s main point of contact whilst coordinating any third-party consultants as may be required in each particular case.

Please keep checking in to see what we have been busy with at KDW Architecture Ltd. You can take a look at our website our Facebook page @kdwarchitecture and our Instagram page kdwarchitecture for news and updates.


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